1. Prayer Instances in response to your calculation way & location (detects mechanically and ).
2. Calendar with four languages , with out cut-off date, the power to file person occasions and reminders , bounce to the specified date in tow sun and gregorian base , actually have a lunar calendar being able to trade days other between lunar date.
three. Prayer Instances Notifications based totally for all prayers .
four. Notification for stay to Azan
five. In finding the Qibla path from any deal with .
6. It additionally means that you can to find Prayer Instances for the next calculation strategies:

-Ja’fari Ithna Asheri
-College of Islamic Sciences, Karachi
-Islamic society of North The united states (ISNA)
-Muslim Global League (MWL)
-Umm al-Qura, Makkah
-Egyptian Basic Authority of Survey
-Institute of Geophysics, College of Tehran

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